Dudley SOUP team

Supporting creative community projects through shared meals

SOUP was created by a group of artists in Detroit, and now takes place in cities, towns and neighbourhoods all around the world. A group of people come together to share a meal, donating something like £5 per person on arrival. This created a crowd-funded micro-grant which is given to support a creative project. Project proposals are made in advance and four are selected to make short pitches at the event. Everyone who comes along gets one vote to determine whic project receives the grant.

Co-founder of Detrit SOUP, Amy Kaherl has explained that “SOUP isn’t about winners or losers, that’s just our capitalist way of making sense of it. All projects get what they need.” There are all sorts of connections, offers and exchanges made during a SOUP gathering – some of these might actually be more useful to a project than cash.

In early 2016 CoLab Dudley highlighted that we already had a borough full of creative people with ideas, a great space at DY1 for large sharing meals, instructions on how to start a SOUP and friends in Birmingham who started a SOUP in 2015. The magic ingredient we needed to add to this was the talents and skills of a few people to form a kick-ass team and start Dudley SOUP. We put out an open call for people with leadership flair, creative awesomeness, webby wizardry, soup making spells  or a sixth sense for finding hidden treasure (the people not usually reached by existing or traditional forms of support). 10 people responded to an open call out and formed a Dudley SOUP team within 2 hours of meeting together! Team member Helen has written about this being her first step into getting involved in the community she lives in.

The team is open to new members at any time. The current team members are: Helen Grice | Anna Gillespie | Adam Hall | Paul Jaunzems | Guy Holness | Karen Jaunzems | Karl Denning | Jill Hartland

Experience the magic, and tastiness, of Dudley SOUP during Do Fest Dudley, on Wednesday 15 March from 6.30pm. Register places in advance on the Dudley SOUP event page. You can also follow @dudey_soup on twitter of find them on Facebook