Afternoon Serendipitea

Meet and build connections with people who are also interested in collaboration and doing.
You’re likely to learn about unexpected synergies between what you do and what someone else is doing, as well as turning strangers into potential collaborators or supporters of your activities.

How to take part in Afternoon Serendiptea on Day 1 of Do Fest Dudley

In advance: Register for a Day 1 Festival Pass.

 Eventbrite - Do Fest Dudley Day 1

On the day:

  1. Head to the Festival Welcome Point at Gather anytime before 4pm and sign up for Monday Afternoon Serendipitea.
  2. Treat yourself to a cuppa (and perhaps a bit of cake) if you wish. Conversations are always lovelier over a drink.
  3. You will be introduced to someone to have a conversation with. (If you already know each other well, don’t worry, we’ll try and find other people to pair you with.)
  4. Find somewhere you’d both like to sit, get comfy and chat. You are not obliged to talk about anything in particular, there is no agenda or goal. Just see what happens!

Serendipity isn’t only a happy accident, we can nurture opportunities for it. Look out for more Serendipitea sessions on Day 2.

Eventbrite - Do Fest Dudley Day 1
Festival Hub at gather coffee shop | 65 High Street | Dudley | DY1 1PY