Learning Lab: Participatory City

Neighbourhoods made by everyone, for everyone

In recent years local people have been inventing unique and imaginative projects across the world. These projects see people working together on practical ideas that make their neighbourhoods more exciting and enjoyable places to live. We refer to these types of projects as ‘participation culture’.

By taking part in these projects people become creators of the places in which they live – becoming collaborators and co-producers as well as consumers. Taken together in one place these many ideas could make life better for people and for the planet. And that’s the Participatory City idea in a nutshell:

Places created by many people working together through a large network of practical ‘participatory culture’ projects and community businesses, built into the fabric of everyday life. Putting people at the heart of how a neighbourhood works. Places made by everyone, for everyone. Creating vibrant places that leave no one behind.

From the Illustrated Guide to Participatory City

Designers, researchers and doers in Dudley have been learning from the Participatory City team to test new ways to support widespread practical participation in Dudley borough. This Learning Lab is an opportunity to hear about the research and thinking behind Participatory City and how it is being applied in Dudley. The session will be led by Lorna Prescott from Dudley CVS. Wayne Trevor and Rachita Saraogi from the Participatory City team are also around during the afternoon, feel free to chat to them too.

Eventbrite - Do Fest Dudley Day 2

The Inspiration Lab at gather | 65 High Street | Dudley | DY1 1PY
Eventbrite - Do Fest Dudley Day 2