Trade School class: Introduction to Sign Language

About the class

Have you always been interested in sign language? In this class you will get an overview of the underpinning basics of British Sign Language (BSL). We’ll go through such things as finger spelling, basic everyday signs, numbers and lots more.

About the teacher, Siobhan Michaels

I learned British Sign Language a couple of years ago because I was curious about it. It’s opened my eyes to the challenges deaf people may encounter in their day to day lives. I grew up in Sedgley, I live in Dudley now. I’m also a sci-fi geek.

How to take part in this Trade School class

1.Bring one of the following barter items for your teacher:

  • A piece of fruit (but not banana!)
  • An interesting book to read
  • Anything homemade or handmade
  • Interesting tea
  • A surprise
  • An offer to teach a Trade School class yourself

2. Sign up for a place in the class at the Festival Welcome point any time before the class starts.

3. Join in the class in the Inspiration Lab

Image credit: Jeremy Segrott, Flickr (cropped from original photo)
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The Inspiration Lab at gather | 65 High Street | Dudley | DY1 1PY